Bistro Hospitality Skills - 2 days

Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety SITXFSA001

Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee   SITHFAB005     

Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety is a prerequsite to Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee.

Complete this 2 day 'Bistro Hospitality Skills' and you will have the skills and knowledge to work in any bistro, cafe, pub or club. WIth the skills employers are looking for.

Day 1 - is all about hygienic food requirements in todays' kitchens.

Day 2 - you will use the latest commercial coffee machine to make the perfect cup of espresso coffee.

This program includes advice on creating a relationship with your customers, so they will want to return again and again.

This successful 2 day program is beneficial for school leavers and University students who need to work while they study. This is also the perfect pathway for anyone looking to begin their career in hospitality.

If you are serious about getting a job as a barista, then Espresso Coffee Skills is a must.

We teach you how to use a coffee machine from scratch. With no prior experience, you will leave knowing how to:

  • Froth milk
  • Make espresso
  • Make all of the coffees that you would find in a cafe
  • Clean and maintain the coffee machine
  • Create coffee art

We can provide advice on barista jobs in the industry to help you get started once you have completed your coffee training with us.

To work in a licensed Cafe you may also need RSA, see our RSA and KickStart program for dates.



Please ensure you have your USI with you or if you do not have a USI please go to

Training Method:

     Lecture | Discussion | Practical (on a commercial coffee machine)


     2 days | 9.30am to 4.30pm




     Written and Practical assessment


      222a Henley Beach House, Torrensville

Bistro Hospitality Skills

Contact us today via phone or email to book your Bistro Skills Hospitality training.

Phone: (08) 8290 2200

Note these days can be attended individually, but keep in mind Food Safety is a prequisite for Espresso Coffee.

Day 1 - Food Safety $150

Day 2 - Espresso Coffee $150


2021 training dates


2 & 3 September 2021

4 & 5 November 2021


This is now being held every second month, book early.


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