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Would you have been ready if this happened to you?

Posted by Club & Hospitality Training Services on 19 September 2017

Avoca Hotel staff member injured when men wielding baseball bat rob pokies room and flee with cash

Would you have been ready if this happen to you?

Many of us would like to think we would be prepared for situations such as this but the reality is we rarely are. What is key to handling this situation is not so much about what to do in the moment, but what do you do straight after. Who do you call, what is your duty of care and how do you recover both as an organisation and as a provider of services.

When we think of robbery, we usually imagine a person, armed with a gun, demanding money from employees. Robbery is more than this, and is best defined as:

"the actions of one or more people that threatens, injures or intimidates other people to part with money or goods under threat of violence or harm".

This definition includes:

  • intoxicated or drug affected persons placing unreasonable demands on employees
  • any person intimidating employees
  • any individual threatening an employee with an object i.e. contaminated needles, bottles, sticks, knives, pistols, guns, etc.

Robbery is a serious offence with the potential to kill or injure employees. As their manager, you have an obligation to ensure that they are not put at risk wherever possible. The same duty of care applies in this situation as in any other work-related activity and also extends to your customers and patrons.

Whilst organisations might have discussed these possibilities, do you have a plan, policy and procedure to support your organisation, staff and yourself in these moments?



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