Advanced Gaming

Advanced Gaming Regulations & Systems
Advanced Problem Gambling Intervention

This is the course to attend if you are to be badged as a Gaming Manager and must be undertaken by all Gaming Managers within 3 months of being appointed. You will need to maintain your level of knowledge through repeat training of Advanced every two years.

Basic Gaming is a prerequisite to Advanced Gaming.

Course objectives:
  •     Identifying problem gambling behaviour
  •     Automated risk monitoring
  •     Setting pre-commitment limits
  •     Regulatory and Industry bodies
  •     Monitoring systems
  •     Identification and intervention
Assessment: Participants must demonstrate competence and understanding of advance gaming duties in a written assessment. If you have literacy difficulties then a trainer may be available to assist you with a verbal assessment.

To work in a Gaming room employers prefer you to have Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and Basic Gaming training.

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