7 Top Skills to strive for

Posted by Club & Hospitality Training Services on 21 September 2017

Emotional intelligence has long been rated as an important tool in selecting effective leaders in business and clubs. More and more today strong leadership does not rely solely on the ability to lead but also to recognise the impact our skills and abilities have on others both positive and to the negative. Here I have rallied the 7 top skills to strive for if you want to not only be the best leader (emotional intelligence) you can be, but also bring out the best in the team you lead on and off the field (social intelligence).

1. Empathetic

Great leaders are cognizant and receptive of others' needs, backgrounds, and motivators. They listen objectively and make sure not to pass any preconceived judgments. They are understanding and use compassion to relate to employees and then redirect them down the right path.

2. Attunement

Socially adept managers actively listen to others and consider their feelings. They tune into their employees' frequencies and adjust to their approach to match their communications style, therefore, maximizing their effectiveness.

3. Organizational Awareness

Leaders with a high social quotient appreciate the importance of values and advocate for them across their team/organization. They recognize unspoken norms and adjust their styles to fit within the company's culture.

4. Influential

This refers to a manager's ability to motivate and persuade others. When leveraging social intelligence, a manager can uncover and appeal to their staff's self-interest. They can learn what makes them tick and find ways to incorporate their passions into their responsibilities.

5. Developing Others

In the words of Kevin Spacey, "If you're lucky enough to do well, it's your responsibility to send the elevator back down." Emotionally and socially mature leaders coach and mentor others with kindness. They realize the need and willingly take others under their wing.

6. Inspirational

Managers who are emotionally and socially mindful are able to articulate a compelling vision that builds group pride while simultaneously bringing out the best in people. They are able to explain why work matters and directly connect individual and team passions with organizational goals.

7. Team player

The socially intelligent understand the importance of team cooperation as a means to form bonds and increase morale. They appreciate the team's dynamics and ensure that everyone has an opportunity to provide input.
If you feel like you've exhausted all other options to maximize your team's performance, then redirect the focus to yourself and develop these vital leadership attributes.



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Would you have been ready if this happened to you?

Posted by Club & Hospitality Training Services on 19 September 2017

Avoca Hotel staff member injured when men wielding baseball bat rob pokies room and flee with cash

Would you have been ready if this happen to you?

Many of us would like to think we would be prepared for situations such as this but the reality is we rarely are. What is key to handling this situation is not so much about what to do in the moment, but what do you do straight after. Who do you call, what is your duty of care and how do you recover both as an organisation and as a provider of services.

When we think of robbery, we usually imagine a person, armed with a gun, demanding money from employees. Robbery is more than this, and is best defined as:

"the actions of one or more people that threatens, injures or intimidates other people to part with money or goods under threat of violence or harm".

This definition includes:

  • intoxicated or drug affected persons placing unreasonable demands on employees
  • any person intimidating employees
  • any individual threatening an employee with an object i.e. contaminated needles, bottles, sticks, knives, pistols, guns, etc.

Robbery is a serious offence with the potential to kill or injure employees. As their manager, you have an obligation to ensure that they are not put at risk wherever possible. The same duty of care applies in this situation as in any other work-related activity and also extends to your customers and patrons.

Whilst organisations might have discussed these possibilities, do you have a plan, policy and procedure to support your organisation, staff and yourself in these moments?



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New Website Launched for Club & Hospitality Training Services

Posted by Club & Hospitality Training Services on 18 September 2017

We are very excited that we have launched our NEW WEBSITE!

Club & Hospitality Training Services (CHTS) is a not-for-profit Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and the training arm of Clubs SA. CHTS is also an approved WorkReady provider.

Club & Hospitality delivers training to staff and volunteers in Clubs, and to the wider South Australian community giving everyone the opportunity to gain highly regarded qualifications.

Enquiries and training bookings can be made by contacting:

Marilyn Sumner - Finance & Administration Officer on 8290 2200 or email at msumner@clubssa.com.au or via our contact us online form, with your questions and we will call or email you. 

Marilyn has been working the in training environment for 13 years, she has also worked in hospitality, finance and administration. Marilyn will assist you to make informed decisions regarding the best training course and pathway in the hospitality industry for yourself  or your children.


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