2021 Hospitality Skills

Posted by Complete Hospitality Training Skills on 15 January 2021

With a new year thoughts go to, what are YOU going to achieve in 2021?

For some it may be having a healthier lifestyle for others may be getting a job, everyone's journey is different.

If it is a new career in Hospitality or to upgrade your skills this year, then we look forward to assisting you achieve that end.

Our training venue on Henley Beach Road at Torrensville has be re-designed to allow for COVID-19 requirements.

Every month we hold face-to-face sessions in Provide Responsible Services of Alcohol (RSA), Basic Gaming, Advanced and Further Advanced Gaming, Use Hygiene Pracitces for Food Safety and Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee.

All these units of competency are nationally recognised and on completion you will received a Statement of Attainment.

RSA is also now available online.

To book into anyone of these training sessions, including online -

Call or Email Marilyn Sumner

P: 8290 2200

M: 0418 852 390

E: msumner@chts222.com.au




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RSA online and Hospitality training

Posted by Complete Hospitality Training Skills on 29 October 2020

Our Provide responsible service of alcoho l(RSA) course online is extremely popular.

The course has been approved by Consumner and Business Services (CBS) South Australia and is relevent to SA liquor licensing laws.

This course will take you aproximately 1.5hours to complete and does not have to be done in one sitting.

To book email msumner@chts222.com.au or call Marilyn on 8290 2200 / 0418 852 390.

An enrolment form and invoice will be emailed to you, on receipt of payment and the enrolment form you will be sent a link to the online RSA study.

WIth the Christmas holidays coming up why not get some extra work or volunteer at your club behind the bar.

CHTS looks forward to assisting you gain Hospitality skills, whether it is upskilling or starting your career in Hospitality.


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Staying safe in face to face training

Posted by Complete Hospitality Training Skills on 28 July 2020
Staying safe in face to face training

Complete Hospitality Training Skills have been busy re-modeling our Henley Beach Road training room.

CHTS will take every measure to ensure that we are doing the best we can to protect us all from possible exposure to COVID-19. In addition to signage, hand sanitiser, disposable paper towel facilities, smaller class sizes and 1.5 metre distancing.

CHTS has implemented the following:

 ·       *  A digital forehead temperature check for all students upon entry to the training room, should a student register a temperature of 37.5° or higher, they MUST NOT be allowed in the training area.

·         * Prior to all training sessions, a COVID SAFE slide will be shown as a reminder to all - have you in the last 14 days, been in direct/indirect contact with a suspected positive case or have flu like symptoms such as ( but not limited to) a fever, cough or sore throat.

·        *  If a student presents with flu like symptoms to a training session, or is simply unwell, the facilitator must alert admin staff who will then handle the situation accordingly.

·        * Students will be advised upon enrolment to bring their own pen. In the event a student has forgotten, spare pens will be available, however, they must be sanitised before re-use.

·        *  Only COVID SAFE posters will be displayed in the foyer with a laminated notice on both tables advising students to sanitise their hands frequently throughout the day. All magazines and business cards have been removed to minimise cross-contamination.

·       *   More distance has been placed between the facilitators table and students.

·       *   Students are not to refill 'keep cups' or water bottles from taps/water bubble or coffee machine. They MUST use disposable cups provided.

·       *  During breaks and after training sessions, the training room, toilets and 'touch points' will be sanitised by CHTS admin staff.

It's important for us all to feel safe in these times.

We look forward to assisting you with your training requirments.

Stay Safe.

The team at CHTS.

Dee, Marilyn and Ally

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RSA on-line and Face to Face training

Posted by Complete Hospitality Training Skills on 17 June 2020

Complete Hospitaltiy Training Skills (CHTS) is happy to advise that our face to face training is back starting in June 2020.

Due to COVID-19 and social distancing we have re-designed our training room at Torrensville to allow 10 participants in each training delivery.

CHTS has been approved to deliver Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) on-line. This on-line training will take you approximately and hour an half at a cost of $25. Our RSA on-line has been written to comply with South Australian liquor licenseing laws.

To book any training please call Marilyn on 8290 2200 / 0418 852 390 or email msumner@chts222.com.au

We look foward to hearing from you.


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Training for 2020

Posted by Complete Hospitality Training Skills on 13 February 2020

It's now 2020 and Complete Hospitality Training Skills is off to a flying start.

Our in house sessions are filling fast, so my best advice is to book in advance.

Our KickStart in Hospitality and Bistro Skills programs are aimed at participants who are looking to get into the Hospitality Industry.

KickStart - 2 days of Basic Gaming - 1 day of RSA is held in the first week of every month.

Bistro Skills - 1 day of Food hygiene - 1 day of Espresso coffee is held in the second week of every month.


Basic Gaming 2 days - aimed at participants who are already employed in the Hospitality industry is held at the end of every month.

Advanced and Further Advanced Gaming is held in alternative months, or we can come to your venue if you have 15 or more.

To book call or email Marilyn on 8290 2200 or msumner@chts222.com.au

We look forward to hearing from you......




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